TENDO Aviation

For 100% pull-out safety! Better safe than sorry!

Your benefit: increased process safety and efficiency!

TENDO Aviation ensures form-fit, safe clamping for all tools with a standard Weldon shank. Even during high-speed metal cutting there is no risk of damaging the workpiece due to faulty or unsafely clamped tools. Machine and tool can be used with maximum efficiency. High process reliability and economy are ensured.
And: standard Weldon shank means standard Weldon shank. No changes to the tool shank are required!

Triple safety

Better safe than safe. Flawless surface finishing, improved cost efficiency and process-reliable machining. The TENDO Aviation offers you exceptional safety.

  • Maximum performance during material machining
  • Highest possible stability since the tool is properly seated in the mounting
  • Each tool can be installed using a standard Weldon shank
  • Easy tool change, no machining of the tool shank is required.
  • Proven SCHUNK quality: total investment security and top-notch service

Sectional diagram

Sectional diagram

  1. Hydraulic expansion toolholder TENDO Aviation
  2. Locking ball to mechanically secure end milling cutter
  3. Adjusting screw for mechanically locking the intermediate sleeve
  4. Intermediate sleeve with bore hole for locking ball
  5. Standard end mill cutter with Weldon driving face

Product details

Our performance promise.

Increase precision and efficiency!
Our performance promise. Your benefits.

SafeForm-fitting, safe clamping of the tool
UniversallyNo reworking of the tool shank. Direct use of the tool with standard Weldon shank
PreciseThe anti-pull-out locking mechanism assures the best shapes and tolerances on the workpiece and a reliable machining process
PerfectExcellent workpiece surfaces, as micro-blowouts in the cutting tools are avoided
EfficiencyCutting data of the machine and tools can be fully used, because the force-fit clamping is also form-fitting and thus reliable
ContinuousThe highest run-out and repeat accuracy
SimpleEasy clamping without periphery device, anytime and anywhere
SustainableThe vibration damping of the toolholder extends the service life of tools and machine spindles and minimizes accruing purchase costs

Where TENDO Aviation plays out its full performance

Aviation industry: production of turbine slings, turbine blisks, housing frames, control elements etc.

Automotive industry: production of turbochargers, turbocharger casings, wheels and steering wheels, individual components for motorsports, injection nozzles etc.

Metal processing industry: processing of titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys etc.

Inspired by the aviation industry, applicable in all areas where the highest standards of technical support and precision are required.

Quality and safety
When we promise 100%, we mean 100%! Many sectors are under strong pressure to innovate and must also ensure affordability and high quality.

Highest quality: TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders


  • Valuable milling cutters, drills, and reamers are securely clamped in TENDO
  • A proven record across sectors in all machinery manufacturing applications
  • For precise workpieces with tight tolerances
  • Proven since 1978

Product details

Plus maximum safety: TENDO Aviation


  • For the most demanding workpieces
  • Implementing safe processes
  • Reducing tool costs
  • Process reliable clamping - anti-pull-out locking mechanism
  • Proven in the aerospace and automobile industries

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